sam & i’s trippy trio

hi guys!  my roommate sam and i are here with five chick-flick books to get you through your winter blues.  finals are rough, and it helps to get cozy in your twin-size bed (speaking to you dorm dwellers) with a nice story about the boyfriend you wished you had! if you already have one, hopefully you can take some relationship tips (and share some with us on how you snagged the lucky man). enjoy!

  1. the last song is freaking bomb (and awesome, heck yeah) in the words of samantha.  the last song is by nicholas sparks–so you know it’ll have that nice dose of romance you’re looking for.  ronnie is plagued by her own issues, until she meets will.  check it out.
  2. heat wave by nancy thayer.  carley winstead’s husband suddenly dies of a heart attack (not romantic i know) and she decides to piece her life, and finances, back together through the opening of a bed & breakfast out of her home.  she deals with her grief, children, and love after loss with endless grace.  talk about girl power.
  3. the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski.  this is the beginning of an epic trilogy about kestrel and arin.  kestrel is a general’s daughter–and must choose between marriage and becoming a warrior.  arin is the slave she purchases.  i’m sure you’ll come to some conclusions about what happens next, but trust me when i say this book will keep you constantly on your toes.

notable quote:

from the winner’s curse–“he knew the law of such things:  people in brightly lit places cannot see into the dark.”  quote about sneaking around? or a reference to the blind-eye those who are privileged often have.  read the book and let me know.


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