shatter me (in all senses of the word)

shatter me by tahereh mafi is one of the FIRST books i recommend to my friends (and you know i meant it if i was willing to break my anti-uppercase policy).

this book is best for those into:

-mild dystopian

-love triangles (bring on the existential crises & angst)

-superpowers (think x-men vibes)

though others have slammed it in reviews, i really enjoy the way that tahereh uses metaphors and run-on sentences that (in all honesty) don’t always make sense to convey the way that her characters are feeling.  and there are a LOT of feelings shared.  juliette has never experienced interaction with others, and her learning how to socialize is one catastrophe after another.

local review (aka my roommate samantha who read the book in a day):

“i feel like she (the main character) says a lot of inspirational stuff, but i kept getting caught up on all the lovey things that boys said to her. i’m devastated that it’s over.”


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