lost my soul to the little prince

by previous posts, it’s pretty clear that the re-occurring theme here is books/novels/whatever you want to call them.  i’ve had a lot of books change my life or thought process in one way or another, but today i’d like to recognize a movie (it’s based off of a book i swear) that shook things up for me mentally.

i have always been into horoscopes and spirituality and how it affects your personality and relationships.  i went through a couple things in my personal life as of late that forced me to reevaluate some of the ways i process events.  i’m not ashamed to admit that i’m an emotional person, but these ~emotions~ don’t always pop up at the most opportune times.

so other than delving deeper into the zodicac, my lovely roommate samantha (honestly, who else did you expect) introduced me to the little prince, a movie inspired from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

i BAWLED.  & i know that doesn’t seem significant considering i just admitted to being an emotional person, but i wasn’t the only one.  this movie has a way of pulling at your heartstrings, not because it’s sad, but because it has a way of voicing the worries of our inner demons.  while the story seems juvenile because it’s in an animated fashion much like up, the plot is as old as time.  the girl (and that’s all she is ever referred to as) has had her life planned out to the second by her mother, with her primary focus being how to be a good grown-up.  her next-door neighbor sends her the story of the little prince, and the rest. is. history.

would definitely recommend this movie (or even the book) if you’re interested in these kinds of themes:

-dealing with loss

-living to the fullest

-remembering to enjoy the juvenile

-just general whimsy

check it out.


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