My name is Logan Saliga!  I figure I’ll use capital letters on this page since I’m making an effort to be slightly more professional.

I am in my second year of school at the ever wonderful Florida State University, and am majoring in Information Communication Technology.  It’s a nice little combination of coding and communication classes, so that I can be nice and well-rounded.

I would like to eventually work for myself (my mom and I have lots of super-secret business ideas), but in the meantime, my dream job would be to work at a place like Google.  I want to work somewhere surrounded by people who like to geek out like me, and create things that others can only begin to dream of.  I will be graduating in the spring of 2019–so we’ll see what happens!

I made this website for my Intro to Web Design class as our final project, and a way to showcase what we’ve learned up to this point.  Learning about web design has opened my eyes to opportunities that never even crossed my mind before, and I am thrilled to keep exploring the field as I move forward.