more morbid the merrier?

so obviously it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything to here.  this started off as a classroom assignment, but since no one else wants to here me go on about any of the books I’ve read while on summer break, I’ll talk about them here.  if I don’t have some kind of record, I’ll completely forget which books I read (which really sucks when the book is shitty).  does this happen to anyone else?

top reads so far are definitely The Dead List by Jennifer L. Armentrout (one of my forever favorites) and Menagerie by Rachel Vincent.  lately I’ve been powering through thrillers and sci-fi/romance reads, but if that isn’t your taste, I’m sure I’ll be reading YA romance again by next week lol.

The Dead List is about a high schooler named Ella who just can’t seem to catch a break.  she manages to escape an attacker while leaving a party, but has to face the music later when the attacks continue; with her still a target.  though it had a lot of critiques for being a lot like the Scream series in it’s cliche characters, I really enjoyed the slight thrill mixed with romance (if I’m being real, it’s mostly romance).  WOULD NOT recommend for those looking for books similar to Gone Girl or Sharp Objects, but if you want something a little less hardcore, this is a good way to go.

now the Menagerie!  still not quite sure how I feel about this one.  think circus, but with slightly more humanoid characters put on display.  with books like Caraval (by Stephanie Garber) getting a lot of press (at least in my circuits), this type of read made a resurface on ibookpile.  delilah lives in an alternative reality where cryptids and fae are common, but feared.  the author alternates the present day with news stories about the ‘big event’ that brought on the de-humanization of these creatures.  delilah goes from being an observer to the show’s macabre treatment of its’ performers to being an exhibit herself–and it only gets more gruesome from there.  the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was it’s ending–though you may feel differently.  it definitely felt as if the author left room for a potential sequel, but I guess we’ll see!  FOR FANS of the creepy crawly, but not exactly horror either.  you won’t find any lovin’ in this one.

pls hit me up with any book recommendations you might have.  my bookshelf is looking pretty barren right now, and I’m strugglin.  thx!


lost my soul to the little prince

by previous posts, it’s pretty clear that the re-occurring theme here is books/novels/whatever you want to call them.  i’ve had a lot of books change my life or thought process in one way or another, but today i’d like to recognize a movie (it’s based off of a book i swear) that shook things up for me mentally.

i have always been into horoscopes and spirituality and how it affects your personality and relationships.  i went through a couple things in my personal life as of late that forced me to reevaluate some of the ways i process events.  i’m not ashamed to admit that i’m an emotional person, but these ~emotions~ don’t always pop up at the most opportune times.

so other than delving deeper into the zodicac, my lovely roommate samantha (honestly, who else did you expect) introduced me to the little prince, a movie inspired from the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

i BAWLED.  & i know that doesn’t seem significant considering i just admitted to being an emotional person, but i wasn’t the only one.  this movie has a way of pulling at your heartstrings, not because it’s sad, but because it has a way of voicing the worries of our inner demons.  while the story seems juvenile because it’s in an animated fashion much like up, the plot is as old as time.  the girl (and that’s all she is ever referred to as) has had her life planned out to the second by her mother, with her primary focus being how to be a good grown-up.  her next-door neighbor sends her the story of the little prince, and the rest. is. history.

would definitely recommend this movie (or even the book) if you’re interested in these kinds of themes:

-dealing with loss

-living to the fullest

-remembering to enjoy the juvenile

-just general whimsy

check it out.

dude. i need a breather.

as i am sure the most of you could relate to at the moment, the holiday season is killing me slowly.  the combination of shopping for holiday gifts, trying to find the money to purchase FOOD, and completing all my schoolwork before break is exhausting.  though i know that i am extremely blessed, so i decided to mention a couple organizations worth supporting if you’re looking for somewhere to donate during the giving season.



DANCE MARATHON.  this is the ultimate college student organization.  we dance for 20 hours (never ever sitting–the ultimate taboo) on behalf of those who can’t.  the funds we raise goes to Shands hospital in Gainesville, and other groups supported by the Children’s Miracle Network.


check it out.

BLUE MISSIONS. i am currently preparing to go on a trip with blue missions to the dominican republic to build latrines in communities there.  the organization prides itself on sending volunteers to work WITH the communities, NOT for them.  in addition to building latrines and aqueducts, they work to educate others on health and sanitation practices.

check it out.

sam & i’s trippy trio

hi guys!  my roommate sam and i are here with five chick-flick books to get you through your winter blues.  finals are rough, and it helps to get cozy in your twin-size bed (speaking to you dorm dwellers) with a nice story about the boyfriend you wished you had! if you already have one, hopefully you can take some relationship tips (and share some with us on how you snagged the lucky man). enjoy!

  1. the last song is freaking bomb (and awesome, heck yeah) in the words of samantha.  the last song is by nicholas sparks–so you know it’ll have that nice dose of romance you’re looking for.  ronnie is plagued by her own issues, until she meets will.  check it out.
  2. heat wave by nancy thayer.  carley winstead’s husband suddenly dies of a heart attack (not romantic i know) and she decides to piece her life, and finances, back together through the opening of a bed & breakfast out of her home.  she deals with her grief, children, and love after loss with endless grace.  talk about girl power.
  3. the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski.  this is the beginning of an epic trilogy about kestrel and arin.  kestrel is a general’s daughter–and must choose between marriage and becoming a warrior.  arin is the slave she purchases.  i’m sure you’ll come to some conclusions about what happens next, but trust me when i say this book will keep you constantly on your toes.

notable quote:

from the winner’s curse–“he knew the law of such things:  people in brightly lit places cannot see into the dark.”  quote about sneaking around? or a reference to the blind-eye those who are privileged often have.  read the book and let me know.

shatter me (in all senses of the word)

shatter me by tahereh mafi is one of the FIRST books i recommend to my friends (and you know i meant it if i was willing to break my anti-uppercase policy).

this book is best for those into:

-mild dystopian

-love triangles (bring on the existential crises & angst)

-superpowers (think x-men vibes)

though others have slammed it in reviews, i really enjoy the way that tahereh uses metaphors and run-on sentences that (in all honesty) don’t always make sense to convey the way that her characters are feeling.  and there are a LOT of feelings shared.  juliette has never experienced interaction with others, and her learning how to socialize is one catastrophe after another.

local review (aka my roommate samantha who read the book in a day):

“i feel like she (the main character) says a lot of inspirational stuff, but i kept getting caught up on all the lovey things that boys said to her. i’m devastated that it’s over.”

why why why (& other sets of threes)

why did i make this blog?  why do i only write in lowercase letters? why do i like books?

for starters, blogging has always been something that interested me.  i realize that this is probably the aspiration of every twenty-something millennial, but i promise i am only slightly cliche in my thought processes.  when i was younger, i always wanted to become a journalist, and by high school had my future planned out complete with the city skyline.  it turned out that nyu was a little out of my price range, so i took my talents to florida state university instead–and i couldn’t be happier.

uppercase letters bother me endlessly.  i will admit, though, that i am not quite sure how to handle pronouns.  would it take away from my aesthetic to capitalize letters??  would i be bowing down to the man (or in this case the grammar police) by allowing one small exception?  i am definitely open to thoughts on the matter.

& in regards to why i like books–what sane person doesn’t??  books can give you any knowledge you want or need, without any of the pesky ads or digital footprint that comes with searching on the internet.  i learned at a young age that books can create any situation you want, eliminate feelings of loneliness, and take you traveling without ever purchasing a plane ticket.


welcome to my world

hi everyone!  if you have an interest in books (or you just want to see an angsty almost-adult ramble about her life), you’ve come to the right place.

i have been a ~voracious~ reader since i was small, and my mom told me it was time to start putting all the hours spent reading to work.  so!  for those of you looking for book recommendations, i’ve definitely got them.  & if you want me to spoil some storylines for you, i can do that too!

there should be more content soon.

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